About Us

Naxos is a Brazilian industry that creates novelties in housewares, bringing the strength and credibility of the brand to millions of households.

Established in 2001, Naxos is the result of the business division of a company founded in 1957. Since then, Naxos has started to focus on the home appliance market, selling the Lume® stove lighter, a brand present for almost 30 years on the Brazilians' day.

Today we operate in the market with a line of creative products that simplify the small problems of everyday life. Caring for design and functionality, we develop innovative products of quality, reliable, safe and easy to use at affordable prices.

In commercial practices, we have a flexible structure that provides speed in delivery, fair prices and guarantee of satisfaction for our customers. We offer alternatives of unique products with high turnover, which generate additional sales throughout the year, enabling the increase and improvement of the profitability of our partners.

To serve customers in Brazil and abroad, Naxos conducts tests on products and raw materials with certifying bodies, as well as audits, to ensure that quality follows international standards.

Our challenge is the creation and constant improvement of our products, as well as the permanent search for differentiated and innovative items that meet the aspirations and desires of consumers increasingly interested in sustainability and design.

Quality Policy

Naxos is committed to meeting the expectations of its customers and consumers, with products for domestic or professional use, seeking continuous improvement of its Quality Management System.It aims at the growth and profitability of the business, seeking qualified suppliers and training and developing its employees to achieve the Organization's objectives, through teamwork, in a clean, organized, safe, transparent and participatory environment.